lesley crewe



What others have said about my novels!


“Crewe’s writing has the breathless tenor of a kitchen-table  yarn. A cinematic pace and crackling dialogue keep readers hooked.” Quill & Quire


 “Lesley Crewe is one of Atlantic Canada’s best-selling authors.”  Atlantic Books Today


 “Crewe’s books are warm and upbeat.” Vancouver Sun


 “…possesses an intelligence and emotional depth that reverberates long after you’ve stopped laughing.” Halifax Chronicle Herald


 “Her graceful prose…and her ability to turn a familiar story into something with such raw dramatic power, are skills that many veteran novelists have yet to develop.” Halifax Chronicle Herald


 “If you’re in the mood for a cute chick-lit mystery with some nice gals in Montreal, Hit & Mrs. Is just the ticket.” Globe and Mail


 “She expertly manages a page-turning blend of down-home comedy and heartbreaking romance.” Cape Breton Post


 “Curl up with a cup of tea and this tale of happiness and heartbreak. Ireland gave us Maeve Binchy, and now Cape Breton has given us Lesley Crewe and her wonderful character, Lexie.” Mary-Jo Anderson, Frog Hollow Books


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