lesley crewe



on May 29, 2013

Hey all,

For those of you who follow my blog, I’m changing webpages. Instead of lesleycrewe.wordpress.com, I have a new site http://www.lesleycrewe.com

What’s the difference you say? Darned if I know but I do what they tell me! I hope to have the kinks out soon and you’ll be getting my pearls of wisdom from the new site very shortly. I’m sure you can’t wait. I know I’d be breathless with anticipation!

One response to “www.lesleycrewe.com

  1. Annabel Lerwis says:

    Leslie- I feel I know you…we have a mutual friend, Nancy Dow, and she was the one who told me about your books, and I have enjoyed every one of them, my favorite still, is Hit & Mrs., I laughed SO much while I was reading it, I bought it for 4 friends!! Just finished reading” Mary, Mary”, , and as always your characters are SO vivid and real. I also liked the fact of a happy ending for all…except, of course, poor sad Ethel.
    Thanks for all the hours of pleasure your books have given me….and thanks for becoming an author!!
    Annabel Lewis

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