lesley crewe


I’m Sharpie as a tack

on March 18, 2013

I went looking for picture frames the other day. I wanted six black ones. The cheapest I could find were around $10 each at Walmart. (No, I didn’t go to Michael’s, I was tired.) So that would’ve added up to about $75 or more by the time I went through the cash. I can think of other things I’d like to get with that $75, like a massage, or a nice dinner, or a tank of gas.

So I brooded for a few days. I have six of my daughter’s drawings in light wooden frames but I decided black was better (who knows why.) Then I had a brilliant idea. Why couldn’t I colour the frames with a black Sharpie pen? I was pumped. Then hubby added his two cents.

“You’d have better results if you painted them black. I don’t think the Sharpie thing is a good idea.”

You’ll notice I didn’t ask for his opinion. So out he goes to save our friend’s bungalow from rotting. He’d be gone all day. I drove to the store and bought a package of two Sharpie Pro pens. They’re thicker. That night I took one out of the package and drew a small mark on the top of one of the frames to see if it would work, but I heard my better-half come up the stairs so I ran to my study and pretended to be writing. I’d have to wait.

Today, once he left to do some more bungalow saving, I spent all afternoon colouring picture frames with my fabulous pens, AND IT WORKED!! It dried instantly. I was very diligent with the first frame tying to get every little bit covered, but then I noticed that if I left a few streaks here and there it looked like they’d been antiqued!! They’re amazing!! And it only cost me three dollars!

I’m so pleased I was right. You don’t always need the right tools for jobs around the house. I hammer nails in the wall with a rolling pin when hubby’s not around, and if I can’t find a nail I’ll use a push pin. It’s all good!

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