lesley crewe


Hack, hack…I’m getting a virus….

on February 9, 2013

So when you go to lesleycrewe.com it’s like you landed in the Middle East. There is Arabic writing and music, and a big sign that says I’ve been hacked.

Okay…since I know nothing, I contact my web server. The kid at the support desk emails to tell me to remove my index file and reupload my index file and then change my passwords, such as FTP and cPanel.

I have no clue. I email to tell him so.

He emails back and asks if I have a website backup.

Guess what? I have no clue. So I tell the kid I’m old. He hasn’t answered back.

You know what would make a million billion trillion dollars? If someone invented a machine that automatically fixed everything with one click…forget the help windows and 100,000 pages of instructions.

I grew up in a time when computers were the size of railway cars. I have an age bias. I don’t want to touch anything for fear of causing internal bleeding. An index file to me is in a drawer in a library. It takes me all day to find something, but I’m suprisingly calm.

An FTP is a sound of a flat tire. A cPanel has something to do with a bra. And I’m pretty sure backup means the cops are coming.

Is it any wonder I suffer from anxiety?? This kind of situation makes me anxious, and what makes me more anxious is my husband coming in from outdoors, seeing I’m on the phone with our son to see if he can help, and talking right over me.

“What’s Paul say? Can it be fixed? Did you press that thingy like I told you to???”

When I wave my arm in his general direction to try and get him to shut up so I can hear what Paul is saying, he gets pissed! “Gee whiz….don’t have a cow….I only asked a question!”

Yes, and you asked the question while I was listening to Paul say something important, and now I have to ask him to repeat it, and I feel his impatience with his stunned mother, so now both the men in my life are ticked.

I can’t even go for a walk to clear my head because there’s a blizzard outside. Time for a bath.

4 responses to “Hack, hack…I’m getting a virus….

  1. Karen Kwasny says:

    hahaha! I feel your pain, Lesley! :-/

  2. Beryl/Donald MacLeod says:

    My sentiments exactly!!! Love it.

  3. Oh, man. I’m YOUNG and some of these things really tick me off. I’m annoyed right now with some website issues that caused me to move my blog to have it hosted by WP which means my visitors have to LEAVE the site to read my blog. All because the blogging feature at my web host pretty much sucks.
    And now WP is being very silly. I publish posts, they go to my followers’ emails, and then POOF. The post disappears from my actual blog. Thank goodness this is happening with my personal blog, not the pro one. Ugh. Glitches. I hate them.
    And I love that you used the word “stunned” that way. I’ve only ever heard Canadian do that.

  4. lesley crewe says:

    […] 3 COMMENTS » FEB8 […]

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