lesley crewe


Favourite Excuses

on February 8, 2013

This is a list of my favourite excuses for calling my kids when I miss them. They’re completely fooled every time. I have no idea how I get away with it.

1. “The computer is screwy…what am I doing wrong?”

2. “Where’s the volume button on this cell phone?”

3. “Remember that movie we watched? Who was the guy we both hated?”

4. “Is it snowing there yet?”

5. “Did you see your brother today?”

6. “Did you see your sister today?”

7. “I’m going to kill your father.”

8. “Where did you buy those curtains again?”

9. “You know that program you downloaded on my computer? Where did you put it?”

10. “Who’s the good king on Game of Thrones?”

11. “Who’s the bad king on Game of Thrones?”

12. “Who’s the other bad king on Game of Thrones?”

13. “Do you need extra AirMiles?”

14. “Are you coming home for (insert holiday here.)”

15. “Did I leave my curling iron there?”

16. “When are you going on vacation?”

17. “You have 300 Beanie Babies downstairs. Can I biff them?”

18. “How’s your cold?”

19. “Have you used the new CrockPot I got you for Christmas?”

20. “What are you doing this weekend?”

21. “Should I join yoga?”

22. “What should my next book be about?”

23. “Did you read my latest book yet?”

I really miss them but I’m sure they don’t miss me because I’m never off the bloody phone. But I’m very grateful that they are so patient with me.

10 responses to “Favourite Excuses

  1. angela says:

    LOL, i think your doing a great job at doing your blog…i laughed at all your excuses to call you sound alot like my mom LOL, can’t wait to read your next book, i just re-read “Kin” I still think after my favourite “Her mother’s Daughter”, it is my new favourite yet, keep them coming, I love seeing your books out and knowing your a Maritimer doing so well and you have such a great sense of humor these blog posts are nice to open, ESPECIALLY after you have a “shitty” day and you always laugh at reading them…THANK YOU!

    • lesleycrewe says:

      aww….I’ve always wanted to make someone happy after a shitty day! thanks!!

      • angela says:

        well you succeeded 🙂 thanks and keep up the good work i LOVE LOVE LOVE your work 🙂 in my books your right up there with my other fav author Danielle Steele:) Keep doing what your doing YOU ROCK! Have a great snowy weekend 🙂

  2. momshieb says:

    Thank you so much! I had only thought of about 5 of those excuses…..! You might want to add “Is it warm enough in your apartment?” and “Did you make that dentist appointment yet?” to your list!

  3. lesleycrewe says:

    Those are perfect! I’ll add them to the repertoire!

  4. Terrilee says:

    Yes to joining yoga!

  5. LOL. Yep. All of you mother read from the same book.
    My great-grandmother calls and asks me what I’ve eaten. Whether or not I’ve been outside. If my mother lent me the car. Do I need anything from the grocery store? It’s quite funny. I love it.

  6. lesley crewe says:

    […] 8 COMMENTS » FEB7 […]

  7. lesley crewe says:

    […] 2 COMMENTS »   FEB8 […]

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