lesley crewe


writing and not writing

on February 7, 2013

I haven’t been on my blog since November 2012. As a writer trying to sell books this is a grave sin. All the experts tell you you’re an idiot if you don’t update your website, your facebook page, your twitter page, etc. etc. But to tell you the truth, I can’t figure out how to update things so I just leave it. I often bug the gal at the publishers to do stuff for me and then I feel guilty.

I had the added stress over Christmas of trying to figure out a new phone and my husband and I still can’t answer it, so there isn’t much hope for me in this crazy world of self promotion.

What I have been doing is writing another draft of a book I hope to have out in the fall. This is the kind of writing I like. Just me in my room with the cat, typing stuff. (If I’d forgotten that comma, you’d have thought the cat did my work for me. Pay attention in English class.)

So now I’m just making stuff up to write about so I have something on here and then the dashboard graph will go up and I won’t feel like a complete failure. And that’s what all this determined promoting is doing. If you’re not on top of it twenty-four seven, you’re doomed!!!

Aren’t I doomed if I don’t write another book? If I spend all my time on here, how am I supposed to write books? The only way I know how is to spend endless hours at it, so I don’t have time to write and write.

I have to write and not write. Right?

Perhaps my readers would rather I didn’t waste their time with silly missives like this and just got back to the job at hand. They’ve already told me I’m not allowed to go on Pinterest anymore. That site is like a drug.

So if the stuff on this website is old….which it is….and you’ve read it before….you have….don’t get bored (it is boring)….just let me get on with my work and I’ll try to have a little book out in September.

9 responses to “writing and not writing

  1. deborah hattie says:

    just finished Kin, loved it, took 2 nights my eyes were burning but i was so caught up in their lives could not turn the light off ,so ive read all your books this is my second favorite Relative happiness # 1 …. you are such a great author cant wait for the next book Deborah

  2. lesleycrewe says:

    Thanks Deborah! You’re very kind.

  3. Donna says:

    Well said!! Can’t wait for the next master piece!

  4. lesleycrewe says:

    I’m not sure it will be a masterpiece Donna, more like some fun fluff.

  5. Gigi Jackson (Bev's sister!) says:

    I loved “Kin”! Bravo, Lesley! I look forward to your next book! Gigi xo

  6. Vera MacLean says:

    Your books are the best. Real people and a real story. Just keep writing. Vera

  7. lesley crewe says:

    […] 8 COMMENTS » NOV6 […]

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