lesley crewe


on September 29, 2012

lesley crewe

Anytime you want to see human nature at its best and its worst, be a writer and sit behind a table for two hours waiting for fresh bait to mosey along and buy your book. If you want to attract any attention at all, you either set yourself on fire or keep your head up. This is how I know what I know.

Parents will threaten children with every conceivable fun thing in the universe that their kids WON’T be doing if they don’t stop whining, crying, or hitting their sibling.

“Do you want me to buy you that video game or not? Because right now mister, I’m tempted to turn around and go back to the car!”

“I’m taking away your blankie….are you happy now?”  If the child could talk I’m sure she’d say no.

One mom pulled her five year old along, saying that he’d be the only one on the street who didn’t get…

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