lesley crewe



on September 11, 2012

This ALWAYS happens. The only time there is a washer/dryer crisis, it involves your BEST clothes. It also involves a spouse who doesn’t listen.

“DO NOT put my black sweater in the washing machine. I’m going to do it later by hand.” I said this three times. Three times! So what does he do? He puts my black sweater in the washing machine with a load of dark crappy clothes that have dirt on them. Not only that…..he puts it on super-duper cycle….the one where the machine beats the shit out of your stuff.

He brings the wash to the cottage. On top of the laundry basket is my black sweater.

“Did you put this in the washing machine?”


“Did you put this in the dryer?”


“You COMPLETE BONEHEAD!”  My favourite sweater is now pilly, shrunken and destroyed!!

“What’s the matter?” He looks offended. “I thought I was doing you a favour. Next time wash your own clothes!”

“That’s what I wanted to do but you and your bonehead got to it first!” I pick up my favourite sweater and weep into the fabric.

“Get another one,” he says.

This is when I turn on him. “Do you know how difficult it is to get a lightweight v-neck sweater with 3/4 sleeves??”

“The manufacturer made one sweater, is that what you’re telling me?”

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! The only thing I can do now is go shopping for a completely new sweater.”

“So go.”

“That is not the point, mister!”

Yes, it is. My female brain kicks in. Go shopping, spend money and blame him.

I like it.

6 responses to “Brain-washed

  1. Mellita says:

    I love how you saw the silver lining in that one!!
    And yes….why is it so hard to find that perfect sweater?!?!?!

  2. angela says:

    sorry about your sweater damn men..LOL but payback can be a bitch and can you say shopping spree and VISA funded by hubby! good luck and see you on the 19th ekkk!

  3. Hahahahaha.
    My favourite black sweater – SO NICE! – is missing. I’m sure my brother accidentally took it with his clothes. Maybe even gave it to some random girl (thinking it was hers) who accepted it, realizing that it’s the best sweater ever. Forever 21 does NOT have any more. *cries*

  4. Shirley says:

    AND,,,, why is it we women all have the same story? Or are we just nuts and the men are all simpletons!!!!

  5. Diana MacKinnon-Furlong says:

    Oh How I can relate to this today is so uncanny

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