lesley crewe


Gee whiz….hub…

on February 12, 2012

Gee whiz….hubby has been replacing the old flooring at our bungalow, so he has a lot of cut pieces left. One particular one is about a foot wide and four feet long.

He puts it on my teak dining room table as a placemat for himself. He says it’s because I always get after him about spilling things on the runner on the table.

“Do you know how stupid that looks?”

“Who cares? Only you and I live here.”

“Exactly…..I live here! And I hate it.”

“Well, I live here too and I love it. You can take it off when company comes.”

I take it off every time I see it and place it on one of the chairs so it’s hidden out of sight because if I leave it there he’ll get used to it and take it out when other people come over and he won’t give two figs.

This is how eccentric middle-aged men become eccentric old cranks. And this is why women married to them pull their hair out.

3 responses to “Gee whiz….hub…

  1. LOL. Can’t wait to see the ‘new’ cottage, Lel. I’m sure it’ll look great. Maybe you should throw out that tile and drive him crazy when he goes through the trash to look for it, because you know he will!

  2. sarahbutland says:

    LOL I always love reading your posts as it makes my relationship seem normal…. and yet gives me ideas of what I have to look forward to.

    I would say “give up and let him have this one” but I understand completely your determination to make the table look its finest. And just think, his messes can mess up this wood as much as he wants. When it starts to rot he’ll get rid of it!

  3. Allan Richards says:


    At least John is trying to solve the “food on the runner” issue. Most men would ignore the problem and your concerns about the mess he’s leaving. You should applaud his creativity and to possibly alleviate the problem, buying John a bigger plate which will stop the spills and inadvertantly hid his “placemat”.


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