lesley crewe


Amazing things….

on October 22, 2011

1. Going to bed and turning off the light. Two minutes later your pussycat jumps up on the bed and drops his favourite toy rabbit at your feet. Then he walks up your leg and hip and settles himself down for the night against your heart.

2. Having your 24 year old daughter home for two weeks and hearing her giggle at something silly and yell, “Mom, come here!”

3. Talking on the telephone with your 30 year old son about the state of the world.

4. Having a new toaster.

5. Going to the movies in the afternoon.

6. Having hubby say, “Do you need anything in town?”

7. Gossiping with an old friend.

8. Seeing red maple leaves.

9. Having a scalding hot shower.

10. Knowing there are leftovers for supper.

And all of this happened in the last twenty-four hours. I’m a lucky girl.

4 responses to “Amazing things….

  1. wannabfamous says:

    The simple things are sometimes the best things in life.

  2. Mellita says:

    This post makes me very happy 🙂

  3. deborah says:

    these all sound good to me, and the movie would be on cheap 5.99 tuesday 🙂

  4. Love your list of amazing things…and all within a twenty-four hour time period, too! That’s amazing all by itself.

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