lesley crewe


There was a little girl….who had a little….

on August 31, 2011

Does anyone else have a problem with their hair in the summer? My curly hair is a mop most of the time, but add the soft water at the cottage, the bright sun (what little we had) and swimming in salt water and I’m looking like a freak.

When your hair is curly and it turns gray, it’s like having a big mess of pubic hair on your head. Cement has more lustre and shine. My hairdresser says that’s because curly hair is porous, or maybe she said something else. I never listen to the poor woman and she knows it.

She’s attempted for years now to get me interested in doing something with my hair, but that involves time and effort. There is no way I am going to struggle with trying to make my hair smooth. Every wedding I have ever attended, including my own,  the hairdresser flat irons my curls and I say it looks great and leave them a tip before I run out of the salon screaming and head for the nearest shower. 

Soft water makes your hair fall down and refuse to get up. So the top part of my scalp looks like the fur on my neighbour’s cocker spaniel and the sides are like Krusty the Clown.

Sometimes I think I should wear a wig. They look very life like these days, but since I leave my debit card stuck in cash machines and have actually exited the grocery store without my groceries, the chances of me remembering to put on my fake hair are slim to none.

I wish bathing caps were back in fashion. I’d rather have daisies on my head than a brillo pad.

One response to “There was a little girl….who had a little….

  1. Mellita says:

    OMG Lesley!!!! I literally laughed out loud!! Thank you for that 🙂

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