lesley crewe


Get this…

on July 8, 2011

So hubby comes roaring home and walks in the door. He shouts, “There’s music in my pants!”

“Music in your pants!!?? Don’t touch me….I’m writing!”

He comes down the hall and stands there. “Music in my pants?”

“That’s what you said.”

“No I didn’t! There’s music in my van!”

“Of course there’s music in your van…..everyone has music in their van.”

“Not when the radio’s turned off. I think it’s coming from the phone.”


“I don’t want music in my pants or my van. Will you figure out a way to make this stupid phone ring? How do you make this thing ring? I’m tired of missing calls. I don’t want   Bollywood, Calypso, Flutey Phone or Funk Y’all. I want a frigging RING RING…..RING RING……RING RING.”

“Don’t look at me. I  don’t even know how to answer the damn thing. Call the kids. They have nothing better to do.”

This is a day in the life of a retired couple.


One response to “Get this…

  1. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing. Who wouldn’t want ‘music in their pants???” Great post!

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