lesley crewe


Eagle Eye

on April 7, 2011

So I hear about this website www.raptorresource.org that has a bird cam on an eagle’s nest somewhere in the states. The eagles taking care of their two eaglets and another one that just hatched last night. I’ve been hooked for three days now. I have it up on my computer all the time, checking in with our happy couple every twenty minutes or so. It’s absolutely wonderful.

But now I’m taking it personally. The other day the male (I’m assuming….no mother would do this) is out of the nest for a super long time. They usually spell each other every half hour or so. So the mother is getting antsy. You can see it in her beaky face. The poor soul is even yawning!! Did you know eagles yawn??

So she starts squawking big time. Like “get your sorry ass over here now!!”

Nothing happens. So she gets up on her feet exposing two babes and an egg and flies off screen. I’m like “OMG, what are you doing?? The babies!” But I should have realized she wasn’t stupid. She just flew to a higher branch and mouthed off again and then came back down and snuggled her babies once more. I couldn’t wait for Romeo to come home….I was too nervous that something happened to him.

But he must have come home because there was a big fish dropped in front of her, a bouquet of roses in the eagle world. So then he takes over and he starts feeding babies. One of the chicks keeps getting in the way, so Daddio gives him a toss….harder than he really meant to. Baby eagle is now on the outside of the inner nest. Dad plunks down on the other two, and junior is having a fit. It’s cold!

So I find myself screaming at the computer screen. “Get that child in the house now! Are you nuts?” I finally couldn’t stand it and had to shut it off, or I was going to have a heart attack.

Then today I tune in and the three eaglets are there and the new one is being pushed out of the way by his stronger siblings and the eagle keeps feeding the same one and the little guy is in the back, not getting anything! I’m beside myself. I jab my finger at the screen. “Can you not see this hungry infant?? What is wrong with you bird brains!” Again, I had to shut it off.

I mean these eagles are amazing. They are doting parents and they do a fabulous job. And apparently my daughter just informed me that the parent will feed the strongest first to ensure survival. Which makes sense, but not when I’m watching. So now I’m stuck. Do I keep watching or not in case something awful happens.

There is no place in this world for fools like me. We have a terrible time if you must know the truth.

But I wish mom and dad eagle the best of luck with their brood. Raising kids is not easy. Oh gosh, I don’t have the picture up but the sound is on and I can hear chirping. PLEASE feed that little baby!!! 

Or I’m just going to explode.

One response to “Eagle Eye

  1. Robbie says:

    How funny! My sentiments exactly!!

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