lesley crewe


Hoboken Style Baby….

on March 12, 2011

Have you watched the show Kitchen Boss? Buddy from Cake Boss makes his families recipes. I’m fascinated because I really like this guy but sometimes I want to slap him. I think that comes from the fact that he can eat all these delicious Italian meals and I can’t. Well I could, but my Weight Watcher point total would be 2000 for the day and that’s not good.

I’ve always had a fantasy about growning up in a large Italian family. I knew some back in Montreal when I was a kid and they always seemed to be having a great time. And if this is the way they cook…..Santa Maria! 

I don’t know why I torture myself by watching Buddy make these fabulous dishes. I think I’m fascinated because when he takes a bite of his own creation he rolls his head and eyes back, smacks his lips and says “Mmm Mmm Mmm.” You want to grab the spoon or fork right out of his hand and say “Gimme that!”

I usually watch the show at lunchtime, as I choke down my tuna and lettuce, or salmon and lettuce, or lettuce and lettuce. I not sure why I’m in such a foul mood by the time he waves goodbye while stuffing his face on pasta pasta pasta with cheese cheese cheese sprinkled on top.

I want to work in his cake shop. Not to work, just to sneak food. To grab left-over pound cake pieces and dip them in those bags of butter frosting. He once made a giant chocolate chip cookie for the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street and when he took that baby out of the oven it was like a religious experience.

I’m definitely going to Carlo’s Bakery at some point in my life. My only problem is that I’ll freeze in front of those display cases and blow up trying to decide what to choose.

But what a way to go!

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