lesley crewe


I resolve….

on January 6, 2011

My New Year’s Resolutions are as follows:

Learn to park like my husband. Guys can do this blindfolded and it ticks me off.

Learn to make left turns on Welton St. I will go out of my way and double back for miles so I can avoid the left turn out of the vet’s office, the Shell gas station, Tim Horton’s and Bulk Barn. Or learn to at least ignore the five guys behind me in their monster trucks blaring their horns at me to MOVE IT LADY.

Clean out my bottom cupboards in the kitchen. Man, they’re a mess.

Write. What, I don’t know yet.

I resolve to NOT go on a diet because I’ve been resolving this particular behavior for forty years and it obviously doesn’t work, so I will do the opposite and see what happens.  Wish me luck. (I’ll start after I eat all the Christmas baking….that should be the second week in February. It’s okay….Dr. Phil says to clean up your enviroment first.)

Stop watching Dr. Phil. I know I said I didn’t like him anymore, so what am I doing?

Rejoice that I am 55.

I’m friggin 55?? How the hell did that happen????

To stop moaning about going to Screaming Eagles games with John.

Well, this is a pathetic list. I resolve never to make resolutions ever again.  It’s stupid.

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