lesley crewe



on November 2, 2010

This is what you do when you’re not writing.

1. Paint your entire family room. This doesn’t sound too difficult except for the fact that I’m trying to cover up the purple and lime green wall colour, (that seemed a good idea fifteen years ago), which means I had to use a tinted primer first and then two coats after that. Consequently, don’t look at the very top or the very bottom of the walls because I didn’t bother to wipe paint off the molding. I was too fed up.

2. Make husband trim cedar trees and by trim I mean lop fifteen feet off them. He was loathe to do it but I made sure I whined incessantly for weeks and he had to do it or go mad.

3. Dig up and rearrange bushes on the front lawn. I forget why.

4. Search for new living room curtains. This is harder than you think.

5. Clean out bathroom junk drawer. Try and throw out twenty-five sample lipsticks that I’ll never use in a million years. I managed to let go of one, and only because it was called A Different Grape. Ugg. Twenty-four went back in, but I arranged them nicely.

6. Started Christmas shopping at Winners. There is something mesmerizing about their price tags. I buy crap because it’s on sale for $19.99 when it was orginally $150. I mean, you have to buy it. So what if you don’t need it and the kids will hate it. Tough. It’s something under the tree and that’s all that counts.

7. I made cabbage rolls with the world’s biggest cabbage. We now have seventy-five cabbage rolls and only two people live in this house. And I don’t eat meat………………………………much.

8. I went to Michael’s to buy six black picture frames to replace the pale wood frames I have in the hallway that display Sarah’s childhood drawings. They were on sale, 40 % off. Marvelous. I get to the check out and the girl rings them up……….$144. I looked at her and almost passed out. I left in a hurry and went over to Staples and bought a black Sharpie. No one will ever know.

9. I used up three lint rollers getting rid of cat hair off various beds, couches, and chairs. The cats wait until I’m done to settle themselves back into their favourite spots.

10. Speaking of cats, I went downstairs and watched Neo and Pip eat a bowl of new cat food to see if they liked the flavour. They gave me the hairy eyeball but I didn’t leave.

11. Write on my blog about not writing.

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