lesley crewe



on September 3, 2010

So I’m trying to come up with a name for one of my characters and it’s proving to be difficult. It’s a funny thing about characters. Once you name them, the name is stuck for life. If you try and change it, somehow it doesn’t feel right. So this character is a dad and an uncle. 

First his name was John, then Gary, then Bob and then Eddy. None of them felt right.

It was late and I was tired when I decided to change Eddy to Ed. I clicked the find tab and then the replace tab. I did something horribly wrong and the box came up with “Made 2,840 changes.”

Now there is no way this character is in the book that often. I looked at my script. Every “ed” on every word on every page is now “walkED, jumpED, borED, neED, criED, shoutED….”


I tried to back-track but nothing worked. It would not change ED to ed no matter how many times I clicked, punched, slapped or kicked.

Thank God I’m only on Chapter One. Can you imagine if the entire book was like that?? So it took me an hour to manually change all the ED’s to ed’s.

So I’m down on the beach the next day and I tell hubby and a few friends the stupid thing I did. John says, “Why didn’t you just click the “undo” button.


One response to “stupid

  1. Christina Cronk says:

    Thanks for sharing, I needed a laugh today!

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