lesley crewe



on June 25, 2010

You’ll never guess…..in the book Hit & Mrs., I talk about the four girlfriends becoming chummy in Mrs. Glencross’s fifth grade class in N.D.G.

I did that because when I lived in N.D.G., my favorite teacher was Mrs. Gwen Glencross, who taught grade five at Willingdon School.

Her daughter-in-law Penny has a friend in Halifax who read Hit & Mrs. and mentioned it to her. Penny thought it was too much of a coincidence and emailed me to ask if I went to Willingdon School and did I have a teacher named Mrs. Glencross.

I emailed back and said YES!

I was so excited to hear that Mrs. Glencross is still living in Montreal and at the age of 93 is still galivanting around town and going to concerts and reading and socializing! And get this….she’s computer savvy!

She emailed me herself to say that yes, indeed, she remembered me and my sister and my mother, who taught kindergarten at Willlingdon when we lived there. We fired a few emails back and forth and I sure hope if I ever get back to Montreal on a book signing tour, I can go and visit with this wonderful woman.

Mrs. Glencross was one of those teachers who made learning fun. She was always happy and smiling and you felt comfortable and cared for in her class. She certainly made an impression on me, which is why I put her in my book, but I never thought she or her family would ever know I did. I had no way of contacting them. But now I sure do!

It really made my day! Except I couldn’t call her Gwen! I had to write “Hello, Mrs. Glencross” because at that moment I was ten years old again!!

2 responses to “OMG

  1. karen says:

    How wonderful Lesley, I can feel the excitement in your post that you are absolutely thrilled to have connected with this wonderful teacher after all these years:)
    My Mom was also a teacher and I wish I had a nickel each time a former student of hers, talked so highly about her and would tell them she was by far their favorite teacher.
    I just hope (if) i make it to 93, I’m still computer savvy and galivanting around the town:)
    God Bless Her 🙂
    Looking forward to your new book coming out soon 🙂

  2. Anne Rowlands says:

    I am so excited! My daughter has just sent me a note about an author she follows who wrote about a grade 5 teacher at Willingdon School in NDG named Mrs. Gwendolyn Glencross. I was not in Mrs. Glencross’s class but I was there and I think I have found a friend from days gone by. I was in Miss Wilson’s class for grade 5, but my older brother was in Mrs. Glencross’s class. My sister, Jane, was in Mrs. Brown’s kindergarten class. So, Lesley Crewe, is this really you? My next stop is the library to look you up!

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