lesley crewe


My chicks

on April 5, 2010

They’re gone.

The kids have flown the chocolate coop. They were here for three nights and now it’s quiet again. For just a few moments, it was like I had a life again…..shoes all over the place, clothes on the floor and in the washer and dryer, food up the wazoo, laughing at the table over one of the cats trying to fit into the fruit bowl.

I hid Easter eggs on Sunday morning.  And they placated me by looking for them, even though they have a combined age of 51. 

And of course I did my usual….tried to condense six months of motherly advice into the last half hour. They have come to expect this and it usually starts off with exaggerated eye-rolling on their end and unnecessary blathering on mine. Good thing they laugh about it….to my face. God only knows what they say in the car going back to Halifax!

Saying that, they just called and they’re home safely. Every mother’s happy place.

Now I will pick up the pieces….of Easter egg tin foil bits and remake the beds that they “forgot” to make (“but you’re only going to change the sheets anyway”), and replace the empty Kleenex boxes, toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Then I will wash out and biff twenty semi-empty soft drink bottles into recycle bags, collect the four hundred glasses left on side tables, coffee tables, kitchen tables, bedside tables and the floor in general and find their dirty socks under the bed while I’m at it and then have to call someone when I discover a cell phone charger has been left behind. I will naturally be asked to wrap it up and send it Express Post asap.

But that’s okay. I love them.

Even if they insist on making pancakes and bacon while I’m on a diet. But I’ve been on a diet every second of their lives so they just file that request under Eye-Rolling 101.

2 responses to “My chicks

  1. Mellita says:

    I now have a deep desire to call my Mom.

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