lesley crewe


Free gift!

on March 12, 2010

I’m an addict.

There. I admit it. I feel better already.

I know there are others out there too….I can’t be the only one who’s a sucker for the free gift give-away that cosmetic companies promote twice a year. LOOK! You get $75 of free make-up and a cool cosmetic bag if you spend a bunch of money at the Estee Lauder or Clinque counter at The Bay.

 I’ve fallen for this every year since I was forty. As a result I have sixty-five make-up bags and just as many tiny mascara tubes, not to mention a drawer full of lipstick called Hot Copper and Black Cherry. Both shades make me look like a freak. And every year I get the same spiel about how the cosmetic bags would make great gifts for my daughter. They did, the first few times I gave them to her, but not so much now.

A friend suggested I use the bags as door prizes for a wedding shower. Just fill them up with stuff, she said. That sounds like a lot of work.

There was a new twist this year. Buy something over $75 and you not only get the free makeup and bag, you get a big pink tube of make-up brushes. Now this is something my daughter may be interested in, come Christmas. Okay, sure….I’ll buy the $90 face lotion so Sarah can have the brushes that probably cost $1.50 to manufacture.

I get the brushes home. I never use brushes, but I open them anyway and marvel at how clean and dust free they are. Maybe I will use them….if not on my face, then on my kitchen window blinds. So now I have this dilemma. Do I give Sarah the brushes or not? Technically they’re mine. I just paid through the nose for them. But because I made this grand speech to the make-up lady about how my daughter would love these brushes, I suddenly feel guilty that I’m thinking of keeping them.

But where would I put them?  Among the other cosmetic flotsam and jetsam in my bedside table? If we ever have a robbery in this house and the police look through my drawers, they’d think a high end fashion model lived here.

 “What have you done with her?” they’d ask.

“But it’s all mine!” I’d said.

They’d take another look at me and haul me off to jail. Where perhaps a make-up bag or two would come in handy.

5 responses to “Free gift!

  1. Terrilee says:

    Ha Ha! I have fallen for that too.

  2. Sarah says:

    Mom —

    I do not need -more- make-up brushes. Enjoy them, and stop using me as an excuse for your relapse into retail therapy, and then feel guilty about it later. It’s classic addict behavior. 🙂

    Love you

  3. lesleycrewe says:

    You’re so clever, wise-child of mine. Okay, I’ll keep the brushes.

  4. Gilda Stalker says:

    Okay this is my second attempt….I hear you about computers….not my thing either…..I have no idea where my first attempt went….cyber space or will probably show up on Facebook somewhere! ha
    Anyways; my comment was:

    Bless your heart! Darn your book “Shoot Me” was just what I needed!….My sister told me about it and said it reminded her of me and my crazy family! I have to agree with her. There were a lot of similarities….except for the murder part….has not come to that as of yet! ha

    It was a nice bonus to know that we are almost the same age and we used to be almost neighbours! I was born and raised in Kenzieville, Nova Scotia….although I currently reside in Edmonton, Alberta for the past 9 years (had to move and uproot the four kids if I wanted to keep my husband and the father of my children)! Just for the record it was worth it!

    I also want you to know that tomorrow I am hitting the first bookstore and getting the rest of your books! To hell with upkeep of the house, the kids could complain all they want or learn to cook and clean….anyway everyone on the LRT (Light Rail Transit) thinks I am nuts anyway for laughing out loud at odd moments (while reading your book)…..I only hope I do not get caught sneaking some reading time in my cubicle at work!! They are so good they are hard to put down….ha ….My dear girl you would be worth it!

    There I had my say for what it was worth….

    Thank you!
    Gilda J. Stalker

    • lesleycrewe says:

      Hi Gilda,

      Thank you! I love emails like yours. Does my heart good to know someone in Edmonton is laughing at my nonsense! Enjoy the rest of my books when you get a chance to sneak a peek at work or in the tub! The kids won’t starve….just bitch a lot, if they’re anything like mine!

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