lesley crewe



on March 8, 2010

I stayed up too late last night watching the Oscars. I don’t know why I bother. What on earth do I have in common with these people? They’re beautiful….thin….rich….stylish….and yet strangely I don’t resent them. I feel kind of sorry for them. Not that they care what I think, and why should they? I don’t care what I think either. I’m just musing out loud because that’s what I’m supposed to do on here.

I just wonder if they ever get tired of greeting each other like long lost friends every year in front of a zillion cameras. How often can one possibly say hello? They all look so damned uncomfortable. No one moves their head for fear of messing their hair.  And this new shoe fad of having super thick soles perched on stilletto’s is freaky. No need for cement shoes anymore because these babies are beyond heavy, and they look about as graceful.

But since I have no fashion sense at all, I’ll shut up about their shoes. I’ll shut up period because I’m boring myself. I have to go finish my book……no, not mine…..someone else’s.

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