lesley crewe



on February 27, 2010

I have no flippin’ idea what I’m doing on here. My publishers thought it would be a good idea. I think they’re just too young and hip for their own good…..yes, you heard me Diane.  

I’m old! I like being old!  My mind is useless….it’s hard enough trying to write a novel without having to manage a blog site, a web site, a Facebook site, or a twitter twit site. I don’t even know how to text. I can only phone on my cell. That’s it.  When I accidently press speaker-phone, it has to stay that way because I don’t know how to shut it off. This always happens on elevators for some reason.

Okay, that’s it. I’m too tense to continue. Now I have to let everyone know that this stupid blog is here, and I’ll have to fill it with stupid stuff. I like my old blog. Do I really want someone commenting on my comments?? That’s terrifying. It’s high school all over again! I hate it when people get mad at me.

Oh, I’m supposed to say something about myself. Ummm…..I write books. I love every animal and creature and fuzzy thing on the planet. I love trees and crows and the moon. I love my kids. And my hubby. And my two cats.

I’m old, fat and usually depressed. But now that I am the ripe old age of 54, I really like me for the first time ever. I even like my wrinkles and age spots. My stretch marks have long since faded. I swallow a shit load of pills every morning because my fellow hormoaners tell me I should.

I cannot believe what I’ve just typed. And the whole world can see it if they want to. How do you press delete on this thing?

12 responses to “Cranky!

  1. lesleycrewe says:

    i’m trying to see if my new avatar comes up and this is the only way i can figure out how to do it. (i’m in the twilight zone….i have an avatar…i think.)

  2. Lisa says:

    I never tire of your writing. You always have the ability to put a smile on my face. I think this blog is a good idea.

  3. What? Lesley Crewe has a blog! Jumpin’ gerbils! What fun we’re going to have with this!

  4. Gigi Jackson says:

    Lesley ~ You are so much fun! I get such pleasure reading everything you pen. Good luck with this blog!

  5. Diana says:


    Yes, everyone can find everything quickly now, which always throws me off too. I’m not used to things being that connected. I remember having to look things up in books and then waiting for stuff. I’m still at the gall ink and papyrus stage when it comes to technology.

    Still, I do like blogs and follow several- now this one too! I don’t suppose anyone will be surprised that one of the blogs I follow is called ‘Parasite of the Day”. I plan to get odder as I get older and I’m well on track.

    Well, keep on truckin’ as we used to say in the Pliocene! Also, remember that this is your blog and if anyone becomes too troll-like, you can probably have them blocked. You have the power!


  6. Diane says:

    Yes! Go Lesley! See that wasn’t so hard was it 🙂 You finished your first day of ‘shopping’. Now Clinton and I can swoop in and fine tune it.

  7. Leanne says:

    Hiya Lel!

    Trust me, you’ll get the hang of this. Oh wait, don’t listen to me, I can’t seem to update my blog on a very regular basis. I blame it on my craptacular wi-fi connection, but really, I think it’s laziness and apathy on my part.

    Hang in there, kitten, and if you need procrastination pointers, you know you can always count on me.

    Your biggest fan (in so many ways)

  8. Jenn P says:

    I think the blog is great. It is another spot to rant so you can make me laugh!

  9. Terrilee says:

    Love it Lesley! You are such a trooper! I don’t follow many blogs (besides your old one, none, really) but I would follow this. Can’t wait to see more posts.

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