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New Website

Hey all,

For those of you who follow my blog, I’m changing webpages. Instead of lesleycrewe.wordpress.com, I have a new site http://www.lesleycrewe.com

What’s the difference you say? Darned if I know but I do what they tell me! I hope to have the kinks out soon and you’ll be getting my pearls of wisdom from the new site very shortly. I’m sure you can’t wait. I know I’d be breathless with anticipation!


Maritime Tour 2012

Check out pictures from my Maritime Tour.

About my newest book, Kin

Traditions, created and subverted. Love, nurtured and destroyed. Friendships, marriages, and the wild beauty of Cape Breton Island. And above all, kin, in all its convoluted forms.

In Lesley Crewe’s sixth novel, we trace the tangled lines of loyalty, tragedy, joy, and love through three generations of families. Beginning in Glace Bay in the 1930s and ending in Round Island in 2011, Crewe weaves her most complex and engaging novel yet. The cast of characters is vast and varied–some with the island’s deliciously cutting wit, some dour and uptight, some frail, some resilient, and all inextricably bound together by their shared histories.

Brimming with humour, poignancy, and the maddening joy that is family, Kin is bound to be every Crewe fan’s favourite book.

Pre-order through  Chapters/Indigo or Amazon